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Crafting quality character designs with pride since 2002.

Born in Pingtung, Taiwan and based out of Chicago, Illinois, Veggiesomething (a.k.a. James Liu) has loved art and design for as long as he can remember.

Veggiesomething's artworks have been seen throughout the world via numerous art shows and exhibitions and have been featured in various publications and media outlets. His designer vinyl toys have also been sold around the world at contemporary museum shops, art galleries, and other finer designer shops. He has also collaborated with forward thinking brands such as Crazy Label, Nooka, Indomina, Rotofugi, Myplasticheart, Diet Strychnine/Pyromaniac, James Curd/Greenskeepers, Om Records, Burger King, Google, and more.

Thus far, Veggiesomething has created ten character lines (FIZZIEFUZZIE, House of Liu, United by Destruction!, Sugar Bandits, Debonair Rascal, Cash & Carry, the PRESENTERS, Atomic Apples, Fresh Bears, and Milo) and one concept label (Killerslayer). These creative endeavors often highlight his love for modular designs that are bold, clean, clear, and concise.

TWITTER: @veggiesomething
FACEBOOK: veggiesomething

* Playtimes, Clutter, Hi-Fructose, YRB, TimeOut Chicago, New City, Go, and The Chicago Collection.

* Metromix(CLTV) and 190 North(ABC).

* Dot Dot Dash, I Heart Badges!, and Toy2R Bunny Qee Fiesta Book 2.

* Pictoplasma, Vinyl Pulse, TOYSREVIL, NookaStyle, Toy Design Served, Mugshot Mondays, Clutter Magazine Online, SpankyStokes, Nerd City Online, Plastic and Plush, Tomopop, Supahcute, Global Grind, Fresh Characters, and many more...


* Restless (Chicago)
* Black and White (Chicago)
* Mural at Google (Chicago)
* The Chicago Collaborator's Pop Up (Chicago)
* Heros and Villains (Chicago)

* You Are Beautiful Group Show (Chicago)
* Last Group Show (Chicago)
* Santo Demonio (Chicago)

* Secret Walls C2E2 2015 (Chicago)
* For the Love of Music (Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasedena)
* Laser Cats (Washington, D.C.)
* Laser Cats (New York City)
* Hohwitz All (Chicago)
* Cutepocalypse (Beacon, NY)
* North Coast Music Festival Life Painting (Chicago)

* Rotofugi 10th Anniversary Exhibit (Chicago)
* Laser Cats (Barcelona, Spain)
* Laser Cats (Bass Museum of Art, Miami)
* Secret Walls C2E2 2014 (Chicago)

* The Pizza Party Show (Chicago)
* Art In the Groove (Travelled the UK)
* Lunartiks Mini Tea Tour (Richmond-London, UK)
* Stitched (Beacon, NY)

* The End is Near (Chicago)
* Belligerent and Numerous (Chicago)
* Super Button Mashers (Chicago)
* Adventure Time Group Show (Chicago)
* Lunartiks Mini Tea Tour (Cambridge, UK; Glasgow, UK; Cardiff, UK)

* SDCC Toy Release and Signing (San Diego)
* Lunartiks Mini Tea Tour (London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Vienna, Austria; and Sacramento)
* C2E2 Signing (Chicago)
* Out-O-the Woodwork (Chicago)

* Chicago Design 2010 (Warrensburg, MO: University of Central Missouri Gallery of Art and Design)
* Soft Served (Chicago)
* Hotbox Solo show (Chicago)
* Mini NookaNooka Signing (Chicago)
* Lunartik Cup of Tea World Tour 2009-2010 (Traveled Europe)
* Droplet Series 2 Launch/Custom Show (Bristol, UK)
* Sketchbot Custom Show (New York City)
* C2E2 Signing and Live Painting (Chicago)

* Hells Yeah! Let's Do it! Solo Show (Chicago)
* NookaNooka Show (New York City)
* My Kinda Town 2009 (Chicago)
* Chinese Zodiac Show (New York City)
* reSESSION Skatedeck Show (Chicago)
* WBEZ'S Winter Block Party (Chicago)

* Have It Your Way Tees (Chicago)
* Osaka Pospstar Devil Dog Art Show (New York City)
* Wax Burner (Chicago)
* House of Liu Customs Show (New York City)
* Cartel Art Collective Show (Carrboro, NC)
* Get Up Skatedeck Show (Chicago)
* We Need Each Other (Chicago)
* Plushform Show (Chicago)
* Just Gettin' Started (Milwaukee)

* a.Okay Loves CTA Trains Show (Chicago)
* Get a Grip! (New York City)
* My Kinda Town (Chicago)
* BFF (Chicago)
* House of Liu Signing (Chicago)
* Taipei Toy Festival Signing (Taipei, Taiwan)
* a.Okay Live Painting (Chicago)
* Toy2R Bart Simpson Show (Travelled Worldwide)
* Impaired Visions (Chicago)

* West Town Art Walk (Chicago)
* Gimme Shelter (Travelled Worldwide)
* Glamour Live Painting (Chicago)
* Childish Banter Live Painting (Chicago)
* Take a Peek (Taipei, Taiwan)
* Teddy Troops Invasion! (Chicago)
* Toy2R x APM Bunee Qee Fiesta (Travelled Worldwide)
* Design Warriors (Singapore, Singapore)

* Fun with Dead Bodies (Chicago)
* Taipei Toy Festival (Taipei, Taiwan)
* Sneaker Pimps (Travelled Worldwide)
* Plushtastrophe: the Art of Plush (Chicago)
* The Funny Club Show (Los Angeles; Chicago; Taipei, Taiwan)

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