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JAN 1, 2017
We're really really really bad at keeping up with this blog thing so we're giving up on it. To seeing what we're working on (and more), please follow us on Instagram at... Word!

JAN 6, 2015
Woohoo! Here are some photos of some of the stuff that we created and went down last year...

New Paintings for Shows.
NOV 9, 2014
We recently participated in the 10x10 Rotofugi Gallery 10th Anniversary Group Exhibit here in Chicago. Below is our painting called "Hold on to Your..." for the show.

We will also be featured in the upcoming For the Love of Music exhibit at the Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasendena, CA. The show features art inspired by album covers. Below was our take on the "Milo Goes to College" album by The Descendents.

New Shirts. New Guitar
JUN 9, 2014
Our good friends at Formula recently re-released some of our shirt designs on their Freshism website. All the shirts are part of their "Build Your Own" line so you will be able to pick your own shirt color and image color combination. Coolness, huh?!

(Feel free to click on any of the photo images below to go to that shirt's ordering page.)

First up is one of our most popular and most asked about shirt designs featuring our character line "United by Destruction!". The text on the shirt reads "We are different but the same. Let's Destroy Together!"

Next up is the Workshop design.

Finally, we re-mixed our "But, alas!" design.

We also recently finished our guitar building project. It's a hybrid between a Telecaster and a Stratocaster. Some people call it a Tennessee Strat or a Nashville Strat. We were really impressed with the sound of the pine body. Below are some pixes of the guitar...

Secret Walls.
APR 26, 2014

Laser Cats... Pew Pew!
MAR 17, 2014
We're very proud to announce that our artworks have been chosen to be displayed at the Bass Museum of Art as a part of the Laser Cat project. The project will be a part of the highly regarded Art Directors Club's ADC 93rd Annual Awards and will be held from April 7-9, 2014 in Miami.

Other participating artists in the project include the likes of Tara McPhersion, Jon Burgerman, Banksy, and others.

Well... what is Laser Cat? Laser Cat is an art installation project conceived by Barcelona based Hungry Castle. They've created a giant cat armed with powerful "laser" projectors. Pew Pew.

Below are some images created by Hungry Castle for the Laser Cat project...

New Season Available for KSLY.
JAN 14, 2014
As you can tell by now, we are horrible at updating this blog. We've finished up lots of fun projects since our last blog entry and am in the process of creating a new version of the website to inlclude them on this site. But in the meantime, we wanted to let you know that we recently released a new season of our Killerslayer / KSLY concept label. You can purchase them at Also, for a limited time, you can use the discount code HubbaHubba at the checkout to save 20% on your purchase. Woohoo!

Below are the designs for the new season. Please note that you will be able to choose your shirt color. And in some cases, you will be able to choose the image color as well. Word? Word.

(Feel free to click on the photo image to go to the shirt's ordering page.)

Okay... it's on with the show. First up is Newton Apple from our Atomic Apples character line.

Next, we have our ever popular Fresh Bears.

Let's not forget Ellington from our Sugar Bandits character line.

We also created some music related designs. Being a HUGE fan of Jawbreaker, we offered a tribute with the following design.

We love to unite things as you can tell by our United by Destruction character line and our Hipsta Gangsta Chunky Fries character. Therefore, we united two more of our loves... Shoegaze and the Smiths.

And finally, we had to include a tribute to the great group known as a Tribe Called Quest.

We hope you enjoy the designs as much as we had creating them!

Official Veggiesomething Shop Live!
NOV 10, 2012
Chunky Fries and other goodies are now available at our official shop at Woohoo!

We will also be putting up lots of rare artist proof and storage room finds at the shop soon so check it out often!

Return of Chunky Fries.
OCT 16, 2012
Chunky Fries was first created by me for the Soft Serve plush show at OhNo!Doom Gallery last December. The plush was inspired by my love for both french fries and the band Suicidal Tendencies. People seemed to have really liked the plush, but I was unable to make more of it efficiently as each one would take me about 6 hours to complete. Therefore, I made some slight modifications and decided to have a factory make them for me.

This particular version of Chunky Fries is called the Hipsta Gangsta edition. The face features a moustache and one of the fries has an aioli dip. (The hipsta parts.) It also has a switchblade tucked under a blue bandana. (The gangsta parts.)

The plush measures approximately 7"x7"x2.5" and all the parts are removable. (The bandana comes tied and has a simple stitch in the back. The stitch can be removed if desired.) Chunky Fries will hit the retail stores and will also be available on my webstore very shortly.

It's an Art Show!!!
OCT 16, 2012
Screenprinted lots of stuff for my part of the Belligerent and Numerous show at OhNo!Doom Gallery.

Here are some samples of my prints...

Happy Year of the Dragon!!!
JAN 22, 2012
Since it's the next day in Asia already, I'm posting this one day early here in the U.S.

SDCC Or Bust!
JUL 20, 2011
Our House of Liu Qing Soldier, Qing Pirate, and Mini Contemporary Series (produced by Crazylabel) will make their U.S. debut at San Diego Comic Con this year. Woohoo!

During SDCC, the toys will be available for purchase exclusively from Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi at Booth 4736. I will be doing a signing at the booth on Friday 7/22 from 11am to noon. Stop by and say hello hello!

Indomina at Booth 4445 will also be doing House of Liu toy giveaways throughout the event for the kick ass movie Bodyguard and Assassins starring the amazing cast of Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Wang Xueqi, Tony Ka-fai Leung, Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam, and more. Being a big fan of Hong Kong Cinema and martial arts films, I'm quite excited about the U.S. release of this amazing film. Don't forget to follow Indomina on Twitter and Facebook as they will post more information about the giveaway soon.

I will also be doing a signing at the Indomina booth on Friday 7/22 from 2pm to 3pm. Wordage.

Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi (Booth 4736)
Friday, July 22nd

Indomina (Booth 4445)
Friday, July 22nd

Hope to see you there!

Massive Vinyl Galore!
APR 25, 2011
Woohoo! Another character from my House of Liu character line has been released in the designer vinyl form. The Qing Soldier will now join the ranks of Di Di, Mei Mei, and the Shaolin Monk thanks to the fine folks at Crazylabel.

When I designed the character, I wanted his ponytail to be a big part of his personality and to be very expressive. Crazylabel implemented that expression by making the ponytail bendable and posable.

The hat is pretty awesome as well. It was hand woven!

The Qing Soldier is in an limited edition of 400. Be one of the first to grab the figure by clicking here. Word.

We wanted to create an alternate version of the figure so we came up with the Qing Pirate. (Yes. There really were Qing pirates back in the day.)

The Qing Pirate is super limited - only in an editon of 100. Click here to grab one before they are gone. Double word.

In addition to the Qing Pirate, we wanted to do alternate versions of Di Di and Mei Mei as well. We decided to give the mini versions of the figures a re-design with a more contemoporary feel with brighter colors.

Be one of the first to grab the new minis by clicking here. Triple word.

And if that wasn't enough vinyl news for you, I'm also one of the artists featured in the Mini Tea Tour curated by Lunartik. The show is travelling around a few spots in Europe and will be hitting the U.S. as well. It had it's kickoff show as a part of the Pictoplasma Character Walk.

Below was my contribution to the show. I wanted to reference the Cup of Tea custom that I did for the previous Tea Tour, but I wanted to do something slightly different at the same time.

In case you haven't seen my previous Cup of Tea custom, it looked like...

The next stop on the tour will be from May 5th to 31st at Sixxa in Vienna.

Bob and Other Goodies.
MAR 8, 2011
Wood is one of my mos fav materials in the world, and I've been wanting to work in the medium for a good while now. However, I just never found the right project. After a few brainstorming sessions, I came up with wooden keychains. I loved the fact that they were small, useful, and functional. So it's with great pleasure that I introduce you to Bob Keychains. (And that's Bob and not Bob's.)

These keychains will be officially released at the Nerd City booth at C2E2. Feel free to look for them at fine retailers like Rotofugi afterwards.

I also have to give massive big ups to Scott Tolleson and Brian Morris for suggesting the name 'Bob'. Hells yeah!

The skyns (bag covers) that I designed for the good peeps at Equilibrium Unit have been released. You can buy them here. You can also read my interview here.

Oh, since I'm still fascinated with mini velos, here's a sneak peek of a little ditty...

Sticker Madness!
FEB 19, 2011
Stickers! Stickers! Who loves stickers?...

I most certainly do!!!

I recently got some diecut vinyl stickers made by the fine folks over at Sticker Mule. The ordering process was easy breezy, and the stickers came out super fantastic! Color me one happy camper!

Tim and the Sticker Mule gang are doing some awesome things like offering super affordable prices, digital proofs, and free shipping as defaults. They can even do iPod and iPad skins and kisscut stickers to boot!

So if you need some stickers made, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Sticker Mule! For reals.

Busy Busy Busy.
DEC 26 2010
I've been brewing up a lot of new ideas lately so lookout 2011! The hustle will be on harder than ever. Word!

I've recently participated in the Soft Served Soft Sculpture Show at the Oh No! Doom Gallery. I can't say enough good things about the Oh No! Doom collective. They are truly a great group of people. And super talented to boot!

Anyway, below is the plush that I did for the show. It's called "O.G. Chunky Fries", and it was inspired for my love for both the french fries and for Suicidal Tendencies (the band).

Let's Hotbox.
SEP 12 2010
Things have been crazy busy here at the VGS HQ. However, I finally have a few moments to post some stuff from my recent solo show at the Hotbox Mobile Gallery. Woohoo!

To start off, here's the kickass poster that Tara made for the show...

Tara asked me to paint the sides of the truck as part of the show. Since we were going to project an animation video that I did with Middle Mind Project on the side of the truck, I incorporated a nice white area into the design for the projection...

All ready for the peeps...

Some of the peeps that stopped by to check out the show...

Tara printed up some shirts of my Holla design...

The video projection...

Hotbox mastermind Tara with Uber-Hotbox Helpers Gladys and Otis...

And here's the Veggiesomething X Middle Mind Project animation video entitled "the Neighborhood" in low resolution...

Greens and Rufus.
JUL 11 2010
Aw, yeah... Om Records made a promo video for the upcoming "Live Like You Wanna Live" album by Greenskeepers. Greens is doing some fist pumping, y'all!

I've been working on a new character called "Rufus". Check him hollering at the ladies while driving his Posrche 356 at night. It's how he rolls.

VGS X Greenskeepers.
JUN 20 2010
Look for Greens (the character that I designed for James Curd of Greenskeepers) on the cover of the upcoming album "Live Like You Wanna Live" by Greenskeepers. Om Records will release this album in July. Woohoo!

Oh, snaps! I got up in San Francisco, and I didn't even know it!

And there is even a contest! Animate Greens at Creative Allies for a chance to win the Sony Vegas Creative Software Suite (value $699) and $300 activation fee. Word!

Mini NookaNooka Artist Series Two Launch and Veggiesomething Signing
MAY 30 2010
If you are in Chicago on Saturday (6/5), be sure to stop by at Rotofugi. Nooka will be launching their Mini Nookanooka Artist Series Two and have asked me to do a signing. Woohoo!

Mini NookaNooka Artist Series Two
MAY 16 2010
I was honored to be invited to be a part of the Mini NookaNooka Artist Series Two by Matthew Waldman of Nooka last year. NookaNooka is an urban designer vinyl toy designed by Matthew that acts as a representative for his Nooka brand. It looks like the Artist Series Two is about to be released in a few weeks. Woohoo!

Check out the series below...

The artist for this series shown below are (L-R) Veggiesomething, Room 322, Mad Barbarians, and Matthew Waldman...

Here's a closeup of my design...

Busy Busy
MAY 16 2010
Things have been quite busy here at the VGS HQ. I was recently invited to do a live painting and signing at C2E2 by the fine folks at Nerd City. The event was a lot of fun, and I got to see a couple of people that I haven't seen in over a decade.

Below was the painting that I did...

I've also started looking into silkscreening. Below is a prototype cushion that I did...

First Letterpress Print Now On Sale in Our Shop
APR 20 2010
Woohoo! Our first letterpress print is now available for purchase at our online shop. We letterpressed the design using gold ink on thick acid-free creme A7 sized (approx. 5"x7") paper. It is in an edition of 80 and is only $15 plus shipping. Check it out at our online shop. Word.

Atomic Apples and Brees Illo
APR 13 2010
Every so often, I feel the need to create something completely new. This usually means that a new character line would be in the horizon. And this time, it was no exception.

I've been fascinated with apples lately. I'm not sure where this fascination came from or how it was inspired. Nonetheless, I started playing with the idea of doing an apple based character line. Since I wanted to do the line in a different style, I decided to take on the kawaii style as it just seemed to be the best fit.

I also decided on the name of "Atomic Apples" for the character line. Below are some of the apples and the vibe of the line...

I was asked by to do an illustration of Drew Brees by himself after the Saints won the Super Bowl. Below was the illo that I did for them...

It's a Festival!
APR 13 2010
Well... Sort of... The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is a new convention that is slated to take place at the mega huge McCormick Place on April 16-18. The fine folks at Nerd City will be at Booth 865 and have asked me to do a live painting/signing so I will be at the booth on Saturday (4/17) from 1pm to 3pm. Woohoo!

I will be releasing a new letterpress print at the signing and some super limited new stickers.

Some new (and some old) button designs will also make an appearance.

I will also be brings some VGS classics like my House of Liu mini figures and my Hells Yeah! teeshirt. Dilly that!!!

Past Blast and Numb Fingertips
APR 3 2010
Revise mentioned that he was moving when I dropped him off so I picked up my artworks from him the other day. He had been storing the pieces that I did for our Cartel show after we got them back from Wootini.

Below is one of the pieces that I did for the show. I remember having a lot of fun doing the piece and composing it as I went along. Silkscreen and acrylics on fancy paper were used for this dilly.

About a week ago, I tried to be fancy. The fanciness took way longer than expected and one of my fingertips has been numb ever since. I had no idea that I was cutting off the circulation at the time. Fortunately, the fingertip seems to be getting better with each day. I look forward to the day of total recovery. (It's really weird typing with one numb fingertip - just in case you were wondering.) In the meantime, I thought I would find other avenues to achieve a similar fancy style. I still need to finess it a bit, but below is the initial result.

MAR 28 2010
Steve Talkowski (the creator of Sketchbot) recently held a Custom Sketchbot Show at Myplasticheart. I had the honor and pleasure of being one of the artists invited to participate in the show.


I did a lot of thinking on what to do for the custom. I finally ended up deciding to create my character Carry as a Sketchbot. I also decided to try something a bit different by using felt along with the usual acrylic paint to complete the custom.

Below was the result.



If you find yourself in NYC before April 23rd, be sure to check out the show at Myplasticheart. There are a lot of really AMAZING customs in the show.

If you would like to purchase Carrybot, please go here.

Design Hustler
MAR 21 2010
Love him, or hate him, Karim Rashid has one of the strongest hustle in the design game. Not only does he has the vision, he has the ability to communicate it effectively via visual, physical, and verbal means. Surprisingly, this vision/commnications thing is kind of rare in the design world. Sure, there are lots of designers that are able to communicate their visions visually and physically (it's their job after all), but very few do it effectively with words. Rashid is able to communicate holistically time and time again, and he does it with style.

I first stumbled on Rashid's work sometime in the mid 90s. I didn't love all the organic blobs in his work, but I knew that was just my personal preference. I loved sharp edges and lines at the time.

However, I found myself actually drawn towards the blobby design style when I saw Rashid's work with Umbra. There was just something about the Garbo Can and the Oh Chair that resonated within me. To this day, I credit those designs by Rashid along with the Ikepod watches designed by Marc Newson for making me liking the blob.

Anyway, Rashid is at it again. This time he tackled reusable water bottles with replaceable filters. The product is called Bobble and is available at Bobble Water. I'm totally in love with design and the concept.

A Shop and a Video
MAR 02 2010
The Veggiesomething Online Shop has been set up for the upcoming sale of the AP Sifu Monk (minus the buy button - until 1PM CST on 3/11 anyways :p).

I also made a video to show the red LED lights in action. The lights didn't come out as vibrant in the video as in real life, but I think it still gives the people an idea of how they look.

The Full Reveal
FEB 25 2010
Labors of love. It took me forever to release the AP Sifu Monks because I didn't want to interfere with the sales of the monks at the different retailers at first. I also decided that I wanted to do something special with the APs other than just painting or signing them. I looked into a bunch of ideas, but they all turned out to be way too costly as I wanted the APs to sell for less than $100. After months of different revisions and attempts in trying to battle the cost without any success, I finally gave up and decided to do this release for the fans and not worry about the profits. Once that was decided, I then encountered problems with acquiring some of the parts for the project. Delays after delays - these APs turned out to be truly labors of love.

And now for the full reveal...

Edition Size: 3
Price: $80 + shipping
On Sale Date: Thursday, 3/11 at 1pm CST
Location: veggiesomething shop

The AP Sifu differs from the standard Sifu in the following ways: The AP has flashing red LED and hand painted gold stars for the eyes. There is an acrylic VGS speech bubble on the top of head. The spear tassels were also hand painted. The AP comes in a vintage-like (slightly weathered) wooden box.

Geo Confusion Three
FEB 23 2010
This time it features Papa from Cash and Carry.

Plan F Sneak Peek 4
FEB 23 2010
The top of the wooden box for the AP Sifu Monk. Here's the last sneak peek before the full reveal...

Geo Confusion Two
FEB 22 2010
Sometimes it is fun to play some more. This time it features Simone from Sugar Bandits.

Beware of the White Tigers!
FEB 22 2010
I started this design last year, but never finished it since winter was approaching at the time.

With the coming of the new spring, I asked the guys if they were still down with doing the mini velo club. Everyone was still into the idea so i re-visited and finished the design.

The design will be going on the back of black track jackets with white pipings.

FEB 19 2010
Woohoo! The postman delivered some awesome goodies from Nazzy Naz and the fine Weightshift crew today.

I heart great people, great designs, grey shirts, and CMYK. I also heart electronic music with bleeps and blops. So it's win - win - win - win - win for this little camper.

Look for the shirt on sale at Weightshift's Online Shop soon. The "It's All in Our Histories" cd by Murders and Mysteries should be up for sale soon as well!

Thanks, Naz!

Geo Confusion
FEB 18 2010
Sometimes it is fun to play...

Plan F Sneak Peek 3
FEB 17 2010
Portion of the label that's inside of the lid of the wooden box. I'm also using my chop for the signature on this one. Here's the third sneak peek...

Plan F Sneak Peek 2
FEB 16 2010
Gold and electric. Here's the second sneak peek...

Plan F Sneak Peek 1
FEB 14 2010
Something is brewing at the Veggiesomething HQ! Here's the first sneak peek...

Ring Light Experiment
FEB 09 2010
I've always loved the look of ring lighted or ring flashed portraits. I think the ring makes everyone look way better - more "blended" in the areas where they need to be and more "popped out" in the areas where they need to be.

I was at the store the other day and stumbled upon a LED ring light. The light wasn't made for cameras, but the hole in the center of it seemed to be big enough to fit over the lens of my point and shoot digital camera. Since it was super cheap, I thought I would give it a shot.

After playing around with the new light setup for a bit, I noticed that the cheap ring light does indeed give the desired "blended" and "popped out" effect. However, it also seemed to be adding a redish hue over the images. I wonder if the added redness was from my hand and fingers from holding the light to the camera.

Nonetheless, here are the photos for a comparison. Cheap LED ring light on the left and no LED ring light on the right.

Vanguard Goodies
FEB 02 2010
Minivelos are compact bikes aimed at adults that are generally built around 20" (sometimes smaller) tires and can be folding or non-folding. The non-folding types are generally "styled" after 700C road bikes, but they sometimes remind me of the formula 1 bmx bikes of the late 80s and early 90s. Minivelos of all types are quite popular in the urban areas of Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea - basically, where space is an issue.

Since I'm a huge fan of great designs that are also small and compact, I instantly fell in love with the minivelos when I first saw a photo of one on the internet a couple of years back.

I immediately began to search for more information about them after seeing the photo. Whie doing the research, I noticed that people in the western world have very little appreciation for them.

"Clown Bikes". That's the description that the western haters would often use for the minivelos. And that's cool - I guess - because in a way, I'm glad that there is not a lot of love for them in the western world. It only means that they won't become a trend and I won't see any hipsters or bike snobs on them here. Woohoo!

Anyway, I stumbled upon a couple of fantastic minivelos from Vanguard Bicycles out of Singapore today.

Checkout these goodies...

"Small in size but big on speed, Axl is your ticket to a quick getaway on a mini vélo. Inspired by and designed for the urban cyclist in major metropolis, Axl is built as a interchangeable fixed-gear and single-speed messenger bike. Easy to manage in the smallest of apartments and with a fuss-free maintenance, Axl is a go-getter created for the progressive minded cyclist."

"From the trendy streets of Tokyo and Osaka, Vanguard’s pick for this month is mini-frame, single-speed Zucca! Custom-built and fabricated with a brand-new, lugged 8-speed Bianchi mini-velo frame and coaster brakes, this super cool city commuter is easy to handle, fast and light! You might even churn those cheeky bar spins during beer runs or from an espresso too many!"

Hello Hello!
FEB 01 2010
Don't call it a come back.


Maybe you can.

If you like.

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